Summer Dinner Menu

Summer Dinner menu

Fried Calamari 12.99

Served with choice of Mad Hatter Delight sauce or

Marinara sauce and lemon wedges

Cucumber bites 11.99

slices of cucumber with avocado, red & green peppers

drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette

Scallops over Risotto Market Price

served with a choice of vegetable

Scallop Casserole Market Price

served with choice of two sides

Steamed Mussels 14.99

served in a white wine broth with garlic bread and

bread rolls for dipping

Mad Hatter Stuffed Lobster Market Price

Stuffed w/scallops, shrimp & pasta

surrounded by mussels served with corn on the cob

Boiled Lobster Dinner Market Price

Served with corn on the cob and baked potato

Cucumber sandwich

filled w/choice of smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and tomatoes or (14.99)

choice of chicken salad (12.99) or egg salad (11.99)

Fish Tacos (4) 12.99

haddock with tomatoes, salsa, sour cream and a side of guacamole

Jalapeno Burger 14.99

bacon, sour cream, pepper jack cheese, avocado

and of course – jalapenos served with French fries

Summer Burger 14.99

burger topped cheddar cheese, avocado, spinach, balsamic vinaigrette and

honey mustard served with a choice of side salad or French fries

Fish Sandwich 12.99

Add choice of cheese + 1 served with tartar sauce and French fries


Homemade ice cream cake 5.99


Homemade apple pie 4.99

topped with ice cream cake or vanilla ice cream +2.00